3x12 Pointed Grout Float: Efficient & Precise Grouting Tool


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Achieve seamless grouting with our 3x12" Pointed Float featuring an offset handle, ideal for tackling grouting tasks under cabinet kickboards and other hard-to-reach areas. The pointed tip facilitates easy grouting of beveled tiles and effectively reaches grout joints, streamlining the entire grouting process.

Experience pristine floors with our Pure Gum bottom, which minimizes the need for excessive wiping. The Superflex plastic back ensures tile surfaces remain unmarred while maintaining a sharp edge-to-floor contact, guaranteeing superior cleaning results. Unlike metal-backed floats, our product offers unparalleled flexibility and durability, eliminating any concerns about bending or breaking.

With the gorilla grip handle, say goodbye to slipping and twisting during grouting sessions, as it provides a secure and comfortable grip. Additionally, the open cell sponge not only rinses clean with ease but also maintains its shape for long-lasting performance.

Upgrade your grouting efficiency with our 3x12" Pointed Float, the perfect tool for achieving professional-grade results. Take the hassle out of grouting and elevate your tile projects to new heights of perfection!


  • 3" x 12" float with offset handle
  • Pointed tip
  • Pure gum bottom
  • Superflex back
  • Gorilla grip
  • Open cell sponge
  • Made In USA

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