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Yep, Wood Tile That Looks Like Real Wood

The past 20 years tile manufacturers have tried to make a ceramic tile that looks like wood but have not been very successful until now. About 7 years ago a new technology emerged that has changed the way tile is made. Simply put, they have the ability to scan materials, upload the image to a computer and print it on the porcelain bisque the same way an inkjet printer prints on paper. This gives the manufacturer the ability to not only replicate the depth and grain of real wood, it also allows the entire tile bisque to be printed on. No white rims around the tile edge, almost no repeat patterns plus you can get it wet, it won’t scratch and never needs refinishing. It’s an excellent alternative to real wood and can be used anywhere real wood is used. We offer 3 exciting wood lines, Berkshire, Natura, and Magnolia. Come take a look, you won’t be disappointed!

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