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The Next Big Thing

For the first time in a long time we came across a very interesting product line that fills a very important need, bathroom accessories. Mortar installed ceramic soap dishes, paper holders, and other items have been slowing disappearing and being replaced by clip type metal accessories. One thing contractors hate to do is install these types of items not only because it’s almost impossible to drill into porcelain tile, but one slip and you could etch the glaze. From a consumer point of view they look great but don’t hold up well. Normal wear and tear will loosen the clips and screws to a point they become unusable or broken. In comes TileWare with visually appealing, functional, cost effective and easy to install accessories. The fastener gets installed behind the tile while the tile is being applied. Once the installation is complete and grouted the accessory gets screwed into the fastener and it’s done. The beauty of these products is they can be installed on any tile wall without worrying about screwing into a pipe, so the area between the showerhead and the faucet handles can be utilized for storage and look fantastic. You don’t have to purchase one of those bulky cheap shower caddies that rust after a year. The line is currently limited to shower baskets and grab bars but will be expanding in the near future. It may not be the next big thing but it’s a great solution to a common problem. Click here to visit our TileWare page.

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