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My Playland Experience

Anyone who lives in or around Westchester County at one point in their life has been to or heard of Playland Park in Rye. My first amusement park ride was on the Playland Express Train and my first rollercoaster ride was on the famous Dragon Coaster. In the winter my friends and I used to take the bus to the Playland Ice Casino and skate for hours. Playland has provided me with some wonderful memories and as soon as my kids were old enough I took them to Playland so I could share those memories with them. The kids now being 8 and 6 are starting to get a little old for Kiddyland at Playland Park but were still able to enjoy some of those rides. As we ventured out of Kiddyland looking for other fun rides we realized that my 6 year old was not tall enough to go on most of them, yet in Disney World she was. On top of that the rides she was able to go on were basically the same ride but with a slightly different theme. My 8 year old even pointed that out to me as we walked around the park. That coupled with the less than enthusiastic people running the rides made our latest Playland experience disappointing. That got me to start thinking, what is wrong with Playland and how would I fix it? The answer I came up with is Playland needs to decide what it wants to be. Does it want to be Great Adventure and attract the teen to adult population with wild crazy coasters and thrill rides? Maybe a Disney World’s Magic Kingdom that has rides for all ages, or a Sesame Place that is geared toward toddlers? My main thought was Playland needs to focus on one thing and do it better than anyone else. Playland will never be a Great Adventure or Disney World given the size of the site but it could be a mini version of them. Which, as always, brings my thoughts back to our two stores and what we are.

To put it in a nut shell we are a tile and natural stone distributor! Sure we could sell plumbing fixtures, get into countertop fabrication, offer installation and even sell kitchen cabinets. Would we be good at it? By doing all these different things could we provide the best possible customer experience? Probably not, but by focusing on one part of the home improvement business it gives us an edge over the competition who want to sell everything. We can display so much more product plus be on top of the latest trends since we are concentrating on just the floor and wall covering part of the industry. Since the rise of the big box stores we have slowly transformed from a sell everything place to just all things tile and stone. Once we began the transformation we have been constantly hearing we have the best selection around and excellent service! People who walk in are shocked at how much we display and how well we display things. Believe me there is nothing better than having countless people tell you that you are the best at something. Similar concept stores such as Mr. Shower Door and Faucet Works began popping up in the area only to reinforce that we are doing. After four generations and 105 years in business it’s nice to know we are still moving in the right direction.

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