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Credit Card Fraud…we are one step ahead!

Computers connected to the internet are one of the greatest advancements in retailing. It allows retailers to do so many different things I couldn’t even list them all in this blog. As the technology got faster and more reliable naturally businesses began to use the internet to not only display and sell merchandise but also process […]

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My Playland Experience

Anyone who lives in or around Westchester County at one point in their life has been to or heard of Playland Park in Rye. My first amusement park ride was on the Playland Express Train and my first rollercoaster ride was on the famous Dragon Coaster. In the winter my friends and I used to […]

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Blue is the New Red

I bet you are wondering what the title means. It’s not a new TV show from Netflix but it’s a significant change happening in the tile industry. Bostik the makers of the “red bucket” mastic have decided to ditch the iconic (iconic in the tile industry) red bucket and rebrand one of the most well known products […]

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Ceramic Tile vs Porcelain

You can’t compare ceramic tile to porcelain tile because they are one in the same. Ceramic tile is a name given to any clay fired product used to cover walls or floors. Quarry tile, terracotta tile and yes, porcelain tile are all types of ceramic tile. Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile that is […]

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Tile Shopping Online

The other night I woke up at around 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I know I needed to order some office supplies for work and decided to make use of my insomnia. After a couple of clicks my supplies were ordered and I went back to bed knowing I had one less thing […]

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The Next Big Thing

For the first time in a long time we came across a very interesting product line that fills a very important need, bathroom accessories. Mortar installed ceramic soap dishes, paper holders, and other items have been slowing disappearing and being replaced by clip type metal accessories. One thing contractors hate to do is install these […]

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What’s under your tile?

Most people don’t realize that what setting material you use to install your tile is as important as the tile itself. Using the wrong setting material or an inferior setting material could end up being a disaster. Unfortunately I’ve heard some horror stories about floors coming up, cracking, and tile falling off walls. So how […]

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Yep, Wood Tile That Looks Like Real Wood

The past 20 years tile manufacturers have tried to make a ceramic tile that looks like wood but have not been very successful until now. About 7 years ago a new technology emerged that has changed the way tile is made. Simply put, they have the ability to scan materials, upload the image to a computer […]

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Fun With White Wall Tile

Believe it or not white wall tile makes up about 70% of our sales. The ever popular 3×6 subway tile still dominates the white wall tile market, but not for long! Different rectangular sizes have now been introduced and as a big surprise have really taken off. Florida Tile revamped the popular Streamline Series to […]

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