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Blue is the New Red

I bet you are wondering what the title means. It’s not a new TV show from Netflix but it’s a significant change happening in the tile industry. Bostik the makers of the “red bucket” mastic have decided to ditch the iconic (iconic in the tile industry) red bucket and rebrand one of the most well known products in the tile industry. Along with the new packaging comes a new formula with lower VOC which for us means less smell. I have used the new product New D2001 bucketand there is almost no difference from the old as far as I can tell. It spreads the same, dries the same and there’s still is a little smell but it’s not as bad as the old formula. Although it maybe the end of an era it is the beginning of a movement to make setting material more environmentally safe as well as improve the formulas. So blue is the new environmentally safer red!

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